Friday, 9 September 2016

Special Crush Products in India

All of us want to live healthy life but we tend to ignore most of the things in our day to day routine. Thanks to the hectic lifestyle, we tend to deviate to the products that are easy to fetch and thus, we ignore our health completely. In the recent survey, it was found that more than 65% of the people are not aware of the quality of the food and products they are consuming on daily basis and this might be bad in the longer run.

We at Guruji Thandai understand the benefits of healthier lifestyle and have added more products in our line up that are not only refreshing, but they are also lot healthier than the products you consume on daily basis. Our range of Mango Crush, Orange Crush, Crush, Kesar Pista Thandai is much better than the cold drinks that are available in the market. We use 100% natural pulp in our products and that makes them very tasty and healthy. If you are going to compare this with the cold drinks, then they have only water and sugar in their content and all they offer you is calories, nothing else.

  • Tastier and Healthier
Our range of Orange Crush, Crush, and Kesar Pista Thandai are prepared with one of the best ingredients and this makes them stand out. We have carefully selected the preparation process and we follow strict guidelines and this makes our products world class. Our range of thandais are already very famous in the market and to give more range to the people who love out products, we have added fruit crushes that can be used to make regular drinks and mock tails as well. They are very tasty and come in many flavours to suit your mood and taste.

  • Wide Range
When it comes to cold drinks, people always have complains that they don’t have much of an option when t comes to natural drinks. We took the reviews from people and have refurbished our range and now you have an option to get fruit crushes in the choice of flavours you want. As there is 100% natural content in the crush, they are also very safe for consumption, health wise for children and adult alike. Wide range of products ensures that you always have a flavour for people that they like.

  • Refreshing
Our range of crushes and drinks are made with pure contents and that makes them really refreshing. People have a misconception that they can only have crushes in summer time but our range of products can be had throughout the year. The best part being they are available in so many flavours and choices, that you will be having plenty of options to choose from and pick the one, that soothes your taste bud the best.

  • Quality At Its Best
Guruji name is synonyms with quality and we have maintained it for many years. When you buy our products, it comes with a promise that you get the best in the market and something that you can trust. We ensure the best standards in the industry and keep on adding new innovations in our working that makes our products the best.

If you haven’t tried our range of new Orange Crush and Kesar Pista Thandai, then do get one for yourself and taste the most healthy drink option that is available in the market right now. Choose from many flavours that we have in the range and as they are available in all the leading and small outlets across the city, you won’t be having any difficulty to find them.

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